Megan McGonigle

My path to tattooing began a little over 10 years ago in Gainesville, Florida where I was studying art at the university. I did my apprenticeship in Asheville, NC, I returned to Gainesville when received tragic news that my dad was very sick with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. I had to pack up and return to Florida.

I returned to Gainesville, and to Bodytech Tattoo, where I continued to receive guidance under Wayne Lessard for around 4 or so years. The constant revolving door of unique clients all looking for walk-ins helped me cut my chops, be quick on my feet and successfully navigate all different kinds of situations.

I visited Colorado a handful of times in 2021 and completely fell in love. The beauty of this state had such an incredible staying power with me. I knew I had to spend some time here. That, paired with my desire to explore and cultivate a healthy lifestyle was all the fuel I needed to pull off this cross-country move.

And here I am! Ready to nourish a life of health, nature, good people, great art and personal growth.

Here I am!
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