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Tramp Art Studios is anything but your average tattoo shop, swimming in colorful art, this studio holds history in every corner. The Tramp Art movement originated sometime between the 1870s and 1940s, mainly created by "tramps" or nomadic tradesman who would trainhop or hitchhike in search of work. Furniture and sculptures were whittled out of old cigar boxes or shipping crates with whatever tools could be found. Not a ton of paper history exists on the subject due to its nomadic creators, however various methods and designs have been passed down through many different travelers, all of which contributed to the unique artform. Most of the designs carry a geometric handmade feel to them, and were being constantly worked on or altered. Here at Tramp Art Studios we work hard to cultivate the most unique and vast collection of artwork, decor, and artists in Savannah.


Uriel Charlotte
Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in GA and CO
Kirsten Cameron Shop Owner. Tattoo Artist. Piercer. / Minimalist designs, black work, and flowers.
Uriel Winfree III AKA KastleFace / American Traditional, Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Egyptian, Fine Line, Black & Grey
Charlotte "Onyx" Bizoe / gothic art, insects, animals, winged creatures, herbal bundles, astrology, sacred symbols, Sigil Magik, etc.
Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in Savannah and Denver
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