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Charlotte "Onyx" Bizoe
My Name is Charlotte Bizoe, although people often refer to me as Onyx. (She/they) I started pursing visual arts after receiving my first tattoo back in 2015. I find myself most interested in tattoos that originate from culture and heritage. I enjoy tattooing in full color but have equal love for black and grey pieces. I am inspired by ornamental artwork, folk, embroidery, tribal, Egyptian, esoteric, old alchemy, traditional, Tibetan, and eastern imagery. I enjoy to tattoo gothic art, insects, animals, winged creatures, herbal bundles, astrology, sacred symbols, Sigil Magik, etc. I personally have experienced profound energetic shifts and alchemical internal experiences from receiving tattoo. It is my greatest honor to be a carrier of this craft. Outside of being a tattooer I enjoy painting, studying herbal, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine, writing poetry, cooking, camping, playing instruments, singing, dancing, yoga, flow arts, modeling, spending time with nature and hanging out with my animals. I have two kitties (Raja & Meika, 9yrs) and a pit-cattle dog (Skylar, 5). I look forward to welcoming you at Tramp Art Denver and hearing your ideas for your next tattoo! You can view my portfolio on Instagram @ascendingalchemy. I have plenty of pre-drawn designs to choose from and am also open for custom work.
Pre-Drawn and Custom
Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in Savannah and Denver
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