Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in GA and CO
Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in Savannah, GA and Denver, CO 302 W Victory Dr. Suite E Savannah, GA 31405 (912)349-3195
BOOK NOW 466 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO 80204 (303)257-0544
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"My Girlfriend and I saw Taylor Keels work online and came in to the shop. Absolutely love the feel of the shop... Taylor made our custom tattoos for us. He was so accommodating, and so very talented! We left very happy and will be back soon!"
-Crystal H
-Chris C "I mentioned to my artist ﷯Taylor Keel a few months back about this idea I had for a tattoo and he seemed to be down for it. So finally I decided to just break down and get it done. I couldn't be more happy with the work he did. The shop had a great vibe. All the artists I interacted with were polite and inviting. I will be recommending this shop to any friend looking for some quality body art."
"Had a tattoo designed for my sister and myself. Kirsten did an excellent job with carrying out our wishes and provided exactly what we wanted. I have been a registered nurse for 30 years and sanitation/infection control are priority with me! This shop was on point and made infection control one of their priorities. We chose a vine wrap to our wrists and shout out to Dre for drawing out our thoughts for the design and working with Kirsten. The entire team worked together! I will be back from TN for more work from this team. I encourage all to visit here! Even if you are not sure...and I don't know why you wouldn't be...please visit them to see what they have to offer. I'm just an old (60) retired nurse who just had her first tattoo and am in heaven with the results!" -Tracy J
Tramp Art Studios Art and Tattoos in Savannah and Denver
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